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Sadie Smile Toy Drive 2013 – Drumroll, Please!


There are still some toys, etc., trickling in, but here is just an idea how the Sadie Smile Toy Drive has turned out (absolutely unbelievable!) — $2,600+ in cash donations, plus new and gently-used toys donated, amounting to:

To the Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt:

28 bins of toys, books, and arts/crafts
3 bins of movies for all ages
$390 in iTunes gift cards for teens to download apps, books, music, etc.
20+ other random things that are too big to fit into bins
a new 32″ flat screen TV
PS3 gaming system and several PS3 games

To DCS, Wilson County:

6 bins of toys, books, and arts/crafts
Other random “necessity” type of items, like car seats (once belonging to a very sweet little blonde-haired blue-eyed girl), a playpin, etc.

To CASA and the Lighthouse Counseling Services in Henderson, KY:

4 bins of stuffed animals
3-4 bins of toys collected there
$170 donated for me to spend when I go up to Henderson on kids up there

“Thank you” is an understatement. I will forever be changed by not only the events of the past 7+ months, but also by the love and generosity coming from you all. Thank you for loving big. I pray God pours out His love in amazing ways to you all!

I’ll post pics as we are delivering all of these Sadie Smiles over the next week or two!!!

Sadie Smile Toy Drive Update


Oh my goodness, big thanks to everyone who have given us toys and/or donations over the past two days. I’m afraid to start listing names b/c I am quite sure that I will miss someone. But the good news about that is that there are going to be so many smiling children around The Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt and DCS in Wilson County that it’s seriously blowing me away! Not to mention the things that have come in in my home town of Henderson, KY! I have received things from friends that I graduated high school with. Friends at Eli’s school. Friends from Parkway, Two Rivers, First Christian Church of Henderson, First Baptist Church of Henderson, and The Journey Church. Friends of friends. Co-workers. Neighbors. Family. Friends of family. And people we have never even met, but that have become friends through Sadie’s journey. You name it–and we are so very appreciative. I’ve got a few things to go through tomorrow, and then I will give you all an idea as to the magnitude of things we will be donating over the next week or two. If you have been able to participate by donating new or used toys, gift cards, $$$, or if you have supported us in prayer, then I truly believe you will be very blessed in having a part in what has turned into a truly wonderful project! We love you all, and we love that you have joined with our family in doing something that we pray makes a big difference in the lives of these kids (and their parents, too)! Goodnight all!