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Love Big. Spread Sunshine–Recap of a Wonderful Outreach to myLIFEspeaks and Neply, Haiti


I am so excited about this post!

What kind of difference can $1,909 make in Neply, Haiti?

ONE THOUSAND, NINE-HUNDRED AND NINE DOLLARS worth of Love Big Spread Sunshine magnet purchases, and 147 different people chipping in to make a HUGE difference, can do the following, specifically in the Special Education room at the school in Neply:

* Buy new toys and activities for the Special Ed classroom * Purchase new Creole/English books to start a library in the Special Ed classroom * Supply a second uniform for each child in the Special Ed classroom (they currently only have one uniform per student).

Currently, there are 10 students in the Special Education classroom, and this donation will go a long way to better their learning environment, and will remind these children that they are a vital and very important part of the community of Neply.

Also–myLIFEspeaks is going to put a plaque in the Special Ed classroom in memory of our sweet Sadie.  It will represent each of you who took part in this outpouring of love!  So, THANK YOU for making a difference, and for spreading some sunshine to these children (and their parents and teachers and friends) in Neply!

This kind of giving doesn’t just help the people receiving the gift–it helps each of us to keep a perspective of love and generosity, and reminds us to be thankful for the blessings that God has given each of us.  Together, we are spreading happy childhood smiles all over the world.  I can’t even begin to tell you what an impact that makes on me as I reflect on the unbelievable purpose that Sadie Davis had, and CONTINUES TO HAVE here on Earth. I am one proud Mama.

If you have a donation outstanding, or still want magnets, I have a few left, and will be sending another check to myLIFEspeaks in a couple of weeks.  I’ll post a revised total at that time.

Love you all!  Have a great weekend!