She IS and She DOES

Sadie Caroline Davis has smiled and shined her way into the hearts and lives of so many people over  the past year.  I honestly am more and more proud of Sadie with each passing day.  Her life IS making a difference.  Her life DOES have purpose.  Her smile IS radiant.  And God’s purpose for her life (and ours) IS big.  She doesn’t have to be here physically to make her mark on us every day.  She is making a lasting impression, and many lives have been changed because of what God is doing through Sadie’s life journey.  As we near the dreaded one year mark of watching her breathe her last breath here on Earth, I am encouraged by the “breath” that her life has given so any of us over the past year.  God will not, cannot, and has not let our loss go unredeemed.  Though pain comes in the night, joy comes in the morning.  God has a purpose that far exceeds the pain that we have felt since November of last year.  He is at work, and although our hearts ache because we miss our sweet girl so much, we know that He will not forsake us.  We’ve been real honest with God about our struggles as we try to wrap our arms around what has happened to our family, and He has reached down with His arms of strength and His heart of comfort.  I am not left questioning why God didn’t answer our begging prayers the way we wanted Him to last year this time–instead, I am thanking Him for walking with us through the grief of the past year, and somehow, by His grace, we are still standing!  I will never be happy about losing Sadie to cancer, but I am thankful for the way God has revealed Himself in a very personal way to so many of us.  I have Sadie heavy on my mind today, but I would rather have her on my mind and heart with tears streaming down my cheek than to not have her at all.  I am honestly so blessed.

About amberhilldavis

I've always been referred to as a "happy gal"...someone who could make light of almost any situation. But in December of 2012, my 17 month old daughter, Sadie, lost a 40 day/40 night battle with a very aggressive form of leukemia called CNS AML. This has taught me that everything in life is not mind over matter. Sometimes life is really really hard. I don't look at this as a reason to give up on life, though. God has brought me through lots of things--I know for a fact that He will not forget me now. And so now my true journey of complete faith in God Almighty will dictate my future. I plan on ending this story victoriously.

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