My name is Amber, and I am in many ways “normal”.  I love my family, I have a job that I love.  I am married, have a wonderful husband named Tim, have a big boy son named Eli, and a beautiful daughter named Sadie.  Wait…that’s where my world of normal stops.  See, my beautiful daughter recently lost a battle with childhood cancer and met her Maker at 11:58 AM on Friday, December 21, 2012.  Walking through this journey with Sadie has changed me in a very painful way.  I see life differently now.  In a way I wish I had seen it all along.  I am closer to God, and am learning more and more about “me” everyday.  Lots of clean-up work to do.  Want to join me in the journey?

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  1. Amber, I have been looking forward to your blog. I know that this is going to help others. I wish you had no need to write a blog. Thank you for your words that always captivate me. I cry and I just shake my head in amazement thinking “how strong you are” even if you don’t feel like it. I have said it before but I will say it again, thank you for the witness you are to Katie but most of all the friend that you are. Some day maybe we will be able to sit down and have coffee together.

  2. SOOOO glad to see your blog up Amber! It’s important to many 🙂 I read your posts and find so much common ground, places where God has used hard things in my life or of those I love to forge strength and assurance that He keeps His promises, all of them. And never leaves or forsakes us. But then I remember that even though it has seemed close a couple of times, I have not had to say goodbye for now to a child and that leaves me speechless to add any comments to what you are saying. I love you and I am breathless with anticipation over what God is doing in your life. And I will be forever thankful when your pain begins to subside even a little dear one.

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